What Does It Mean?

I posted this as a note on facebook almost exactly a year ago.  It garnished many comments.  I feel that I should re-post it here as a reminder to everyone!  These are inspired words!

What does it mean to be born again?
Is it a prayer?
Is it good works?
Is it having enough faith?
Yes, it must be one of those.
I’ve been told, yes I’ve been told
You must be a good person, and that will be enough
You have to say the sinner’s prayer, accept Jesus
Life won’t be any easier, but it will be better
You’ll be in heaven someday
You must have faith to believe it

Oh, God, LIES!

Faith without works is dead faith
It’s not as simple as a prayer
Oh God!

Picture this:
God versus you
A fight to the death
You know God
It’s impossible for you to kill Him

And the alternative?
You are going to die
Yes, you will die
One way or another
God will kill you
God will crucify you

Harsh? No.
For God needs to destroy
That which holds you back
That which needs to go
That which He cannot accept
Going to the next level costs something
It costs your life

But what does that mean really?
It hurts our flesh
It hurts the enemy
It’s hard
It’s difficult
It’s painful
It’s sacrifice

The alternative?
Hurting God
The enemy laughing in our face, and more
Eternal difficulty
Eternal pain
Eternal suffering
Sacrificing heaven

So, I say to you
Though we want to say no
We must say yes
God that whatever holds me back
Destroy it.

God, bring what is dark
And make it light
Yes God,
Crucify my flesh
That I might be sanctified
That I might go to the next level
Destroy me and replace me with You.
No longer am I me, but my identity is You.
I put on Christ, make no provision for my flesh
Destroy it.
Kill me.
Birth me again.

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