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Wow. I haven’t posted in a very long time. Even more wow. The title of my post. I’m not sure who of you are familiar with Pinky and The Brain. They’re part of a cartoon from years ago. I have posted a picture below for your reference.

Pinky & The Brain Approximately one month ago, I felt that The Lord spoke to me. All He said was “Pinky and The Brain”. I hadn’t a clue what it meant. I see an image of them nearly every night at work when I go to the break room. I was thinking that maybe I was supposed to pray for the guys that work in that office. Or maybe I just imagined the whole thing because of seeing that image so often.

Tonight, I went to an awesome worship service in Le Sueur, MN. A band was there called Firestarters. It was an awesome time, and I connected with the Lord in a way I haven’t in a very long time. That’s not to say I haven’t prayed, or worshipped, or even heard from Him — but this was just so intimate. Approximately 2 months ago I started reading a book by Banning Liebscher, titled Jesus Culture: Living a Life That Transforms The World.

Around the time God spoke to me about Pinky & The Brain, I stopped reading the book. I got busy. Life happened, as it so often does. After tonight’s worship time, I decided that I needed to start reading the book again. And BAM! Suddenly it was clear. I will post word for word what Liebscher has to say about Pinky & The Brain. And it will make sense to you too.

I’ve been telling young people for years that I want to change the names of Christian clubs to ‘Pinky and the Brain’ clubs. For those who don’t know who Pinky and the Brain are, please let me explain. Years ago I used to watch a cartoon show called Animaniacs. Part of the show was called ‘Pinky and the Brain.’ It was about two mice, one called Pinky and one called Brain. Pinky was a tall, gaunt, dopey-looking mouse that was intellectually challenged. Brain was a short, stocky mouse with a planetary head containing his humongous brain. Every episode was based on the same premise. Pinky and Brain would try to concoct a plan to dominate the world. Their plans were all destined to fail, but at the end of each show, Pinky would turn to Brain and ask this question: ‘Brain, what are we going to do tomorrow?’ With an expression of steely determination, Brain would turn to Pinky and answer with enormous confidence, ‘We are going to do what we do every day: try to take over the world!’

Pinky and the Brain clubs. I can see the movement now, fueled by students gathering together to take over the world. Imagine club members Johnny and Cindy, whose dedication is to see their lives radically shake their campus for Jesus. When Johnny is dropped off for school, Cindy is waiting for him. She asks, ‘Johnny, what are you doing today?’ He turns to her with conviction surging in his eyes. ‘Cindy, I’m going to do what I do every day: try to take over the world!’ Just an hour before, Cindy had rolled out of bed and walked into the kitchen to grab some breakfast. As she sat down to eat breakfast, her mom had turned to her and asked, ‘Honey, what are you up to today?’ Cindy had wiped the sleep from her eyes and responded, ‘Mom, I’m up to the same thing I’m up to every day. I’m going to try to take over the world!’

You are called to take over the world. You are part of a revolution. You are appointed to overthrow the government of darkness that has enslaved people in sin and sickness and to establish the Kingdom of Light on earth as it is in Heaven. Our revolution is not a worldly anarchy of violence and control; it is a Heavenly reformation of truth spoken in love and demonstrated in supernatural power. We are armed with uncompromising love and the power of God. You were never created to hide, cowering in some corner, subordinate to evil. Rather, you were born to step out in the midst of plagues of darkness — to stand between the living and the dead and terminate plagues!

So what is God’s intention by saying “Pinky and The Brain” to me? It means He has called me to take over a hurting world with His love and His power. He has called me to sound the alarm, and be a world changer and a world shaker. He had called me to have daily passion for this. As I restore His place in my heart to First Love. This is the Anthem of my heart, the Anthem of my generation. Shake our nation, God. Shake the nations! Restore Holiness to Your temple! Restore healing and peace to the wounded, lost, and hurting in this world!

Well I’m out! Blessings to you, my readers! I pray that each of you would see your God given destiny, and walk in it! I pray that each of you would encounter God the way He would have you encounter Him today. That His Glory would shine down over your lives. So be it! AMEN!

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