New things

The past few days has been a series of ‘new’ things.  A new blog theme!  Do you like it?  I like it A LOT!  I also like the fact that it has easy integration with social networking platforms.  A new list of boundaries with Courtney – written out (hey that’s new too).  Renewed accountability.  Renewed relationship.  Renewed life.  Thank You Jesus that you make every new day seem so new!  The slate is clean.

I woke up this evening, and sent a text to Courtney, and she replied and said she missed me and asked me to come to her house.  So I did.  It was precious time together.  I treasure it so much.  Seeing her, hugging her, talking to her, reading with her, praying with her.  Seeing her mom.  Seeing her grandparents – who cooked an amazing and simple supper (Courtney – you really did miss out!), and seeing her sisters.  I really love how they all view me as part of the family – particularly Madison and Veronica viewing me as a brother, they clearly look up to me as they look up to Courtney.  I only hope that I can help model to them the type of guy that they should look for in the future!  I hope and pray they find Godly men when that time comes!

This next week is going to be amazing!  I have an extra day off from work!  Gonna start some spring cleaning, SO much stuff left from when my sister and I moved out of the house we grew up in!  Gonna hang out with my amazing brother Austin while he spends the week at my house on spring break.  Gonna spend more time with Courtney while she is on spring break.  Gonna connect some more with The Lord!  Go to Mary’s Monday night… This week is going to just be epically awesome!

My boundaries with Courtney may seem extreme and even awkward, but they are good, and they are necessary.  We are committed to purity for ourselves, our relationship, our friends and family, and most imp0rtantly, God.

So tonight, Courtney and I talked about her biological dad.  She hurt so much.  I felt her pain.  I started crying.  I support her in whatever endeavor she embarks upon with her biological dad – whether she seeks to meet him or not.

The whole thing got me thinking about a half brother I have out in the world somewhere.  My mom had him with a guy while she was in high school, before she met my dad.  She gave him up for adoption.  I emailed my mom for more details on it, as I don’t remember much of them from when she told me about it.  I want to meet him.  I always wanted a brother, or even a close male cousin!  I will hopefully find him one day in the next couple of years.  What does he do?  Does he know the Lord?  What were/are his adoptive parents like?  Does he know he was adopted?  Does he want to meet my mom?  Does he want to meet me (granted he doesn’t know about me)?  Does he look like my mom at all?  Oh so many questions.  I wonder if my mom wants to meet him.

Anyway, I think I better get to doing some work now.  Blessings all!

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