Direction, not intention, determines destination…

The Lord has kept it on my heart since I dropped out of school at Minnesota State University in March of 2009 about what direction I’m going in this life.  Will I finish school? If so, will it be MSU or some place else?  Will it be the same major or something completely different?  Will I just work the job I have all of my life?  Having a destination in life is great, but we need to take a certain path to get there.
This world is full of people with great intentions of doing great things, but far too many people settle for mediocrity in so many areas of their lives.  Not only does this apply to something like college, but it applies to so many things in this life.  Love, finances, sexuality, adultuery, anger, pride, offensiveness.  This is of course not an exhaustive list, but a list of some of the big things I have dealt with and currently deal with.

I can intend to love, but if I don’t take the path of love, how will I ever get there?

I can intend to save money, give to the poor, to the Kingdom, but if I don’t actually do it, what difference does it make?

I could have intended to be free from struggles with sexuality, but until I actually got serious with God and went on the path of freedom, I would have never received freedom.

I could have intended to be free from struggles with pornography and lust in general, but again, until I got serious about getting free, and getting on that path, I could have never even leigtly though about suceeding.

I could intend to not be angry or frustrated easily, but unless I actually work on it and get on the path, I will never reach the destination.

I could intend to lay down my pride, but unless I actually attempt to do so, I will never be humble.

I could intend to not be easily offended, but unless I consciously think about not being offended, I’m going to always be offended.

I think you get the idea.  If I’m going one way or doing one thing, and I need to be doing another, I don’t just need to follow a set of rules or guidelines, I need a complete change of direction.  Just like when you’re driving or walking or running or biking or whatever you’re doing.. when you’re lost you don’t need a solution, you need a new direction.

Which direction are you going?  Maybe you’re going many directions with the same destination: death and destruction.  Or maybe you’re going in many directions with a different destination: freedom and being alive.  Or perhaps you’re going in many directions, working on many things, some leading to death, others leading to life.  I encourage you all to examine yourselves.  See what directions you need to keep going in, and what directions need to change.  Don’t just focus on the ones you need to change, because then you’re only setting yourself up for failure, and our gracious God does not want any of us to fail!

A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. – Proverbs 16:9 (NKJV)

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