Blessed to Be a Blessing

So, it has been quite some time since I’ve posted.  Man, life has been pretty crazy!  It’s been 2 months since Kansas City, my car problems, and all that stuff.  It seems pretty irrelevant to talk about any of that right now, though I may post on KC stuff in the near future.

I’m going to post about two things: A small conversation I had with The Lord last night; and my lovely Courtney (in that order).

Okay, so the conversation with God went something like this:

Me to God:
God You are my God
Forever I worship You
In the still place
In the quiet place
That is where you lead me
May I always enter in
Joyful or heavy heart
May I always leave
With Your burden
My sweet Jesus.
I am Yours
You are mine.

Take me past the our courts
Lead me into the Holy of Holies
May I connect and be that intimate
with You, My King.

God to me:
My son, in the quiet place I answer you.  As you worship and call on my name.  I have blessed you, and have positioned you to continue to bless others with your time, talents, and the resources that you do have.  I will increase your provision as you do my will.

This was followed by a weighty peace.  Like, assurance that God is in control, and that in all reality, nothing else really matters, but to be prepared for when stuff happens.  Because it will.

And now onto my lovely Courtney…  I get to see her today!  I get to go on a walk with her. I get to eat with her. I get to help her study.  I get to go to Bible Study with her (and see some awesome people there too)!, and I get to study some more with her. I get to help her write a paper (Always my favorite aspect of helping someone with studies).  I get to spend time with her.   Blessed time.  Precious time.  Time that is so short, but every moment I treasure. For all of this life.  For I know.  Yes.  I know.

Well, I better get to the bank and deposit a couple checks, and check with CJ on possible lunch plans.  By that time it’ll be time to be on my merry way!

Blessings all!


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