Are you going to be offended in Him?

The following is taken from a word spoken in the live version of a song called “Hallelujah to The Lamb” as performed by YouthFire. It’s an amazing word and really spoke to my heart. So I typed it out in a more adapted-for-blog version. CHECK IT OUT! (Let me know if you want to hear the word as spoken in the song, and I’ll get it to you)!

He asked: was I going to be offended in Him? Was I ready to lay everything down just for Him? Doesn’t matter what I looked like, or who I was, or what I was wearing, or what I was doing. That He would be the most important thing in my life.

John [the Baptist] called his disciples to him and sent them to Jesus asking Jesus “are you the one that should come or do we look for another?” And when the men came unto Jesus, they said that John had sent them asking if he was the one or if they should look for another. And the Word of God says in that very hour he cured many of their infirmities and plagues of evil spirits. And unto many that were blind He gave sight. Then Jesus answered, saying unto them go, and tell John the things you have seen and heard. How that the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed. And unto the poor the Gospel is preached. And blessed is He whosoever is not offended in me.

Blessed is He tonight whoever is not offended in me. Whoever is willing and ready to take up My cross. To walk where I tell them to walk. To worship Me in front of everyone else. To live a life for Me in front of everybody else. You need to understand something – Jesus died a death 2000 years ago not behind closed doors, but on a cross naked for the entire world to see. And in the same way we live a life that’s not shut down behind some closet walls. But instead is out in front of everybody that we can step in front of. That says Jesus changed my life. Jesus loves me. Jesus loves you. And He will change your life. That is what you serve tonight. That’s the Jesus you serve.

John’s situation stunk at the time. He’s supposed to be the forerunner for Jesus Christ, but he sits in a jail as this is written. He is in jail. Wondering if he missed it. If he messed up. Did he miss God? How can he be in a prison right now if He’s supposed to be God’s man of faith and power? HOW?
God’s said and says hold on. Don’t doubt Me even when afflictions come on you. Don’t doubt Me even though you walk through pain and problems. Don’t doubt Me even when the world falls apart and turns against you. Don’t doubt Me, for I am right there with you! I will hold you. I will keep you. I will supply for you. I will provide for you. Don’t be offended in Me today. Hold to me. Don’t be offended at where you’re walking through. Hold to me. Don’t be offended at the lifestyle you’ve got to live in front of everyone else for me. Hold to me.

Too many times young people walk in the doors — get saved, God changes their life, and then they walk outside and their life got too tough and then they walked the other direction. Tonight we don’t want you to come inside sit here for a second and then walk out the other direction. Tonight we want you to bow down as the song [Hallelujah to The Lamb] says. And call Him Lord. When He is LORD, He is the master of everything. Tonight we want everything to be in His control. And we don’t want anyone to be offended at Him tonight. He loves you with everything He’s got. He’s given you everything He’s got. And all you’ve gotta do is hold onto Him. It’s all you’ve gotta do!

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